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Maximum possibilities

The Maxor is an innovative community vehicle, built on an Atego truck chassis. You can use it for numerous missions in healthcare service, for local communities or school transport.

Our vehicle can be equipped with a double door at the rear in combination with an interior lift with a load capacity of 500 kg. This makes the Maxor suitable for wheelchair users.

The Maxor is available in 3 weight variants and two lengths, and he can carry up to 40 people.



Atego 916L

Atego 1016L

Atego 1218 LNR


35 pax, driver and guide

35 pax, driver and guide

39 pax, driver and guide

Max. weight

9,500 kg

10,500 kg

11,990 kg

Dimensions (cm)

8900 x 2350 x 2975

8900 x 2350 x 2975

9559 x 2350 x 2975



Ideal for airco and / or lift